Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Fall seven times, stand up eight....

Japanese proverb

With much trepidation I stepped out into the unknown, having faith that my path would come to me like a beam of light. Not really the case with writing, publishing, and blogging. Since taking off on the journey with no path, I went back to learn some of the tools and concepts of blogging. I recalculated my course, and discovered an unknown course recalculated is still unknown. Writing is natural for me once my head has touched on a theme of interest and personal passion. The words and the inspiration are not the problem, I’ve been making notes and blurbs for years, starting in elementary school. Not recognizing this ease until now was a grand waste of gift. No regrets, it was the inspiration, and theme building years.

Now to fuse these talents with a medium new to me will prove challenging. All the advice leads one to think that blogging needs to come from a pure source. Yes, there are very lucrative blogs as well as blogs for very lucrative businesses. There are plenty of bloggers willing to share their growing pains and lessons learned. They have their novice lists and youTube awkward moments advice. Stern warnings of do’s and don’ts. Imagine my concern when one of the top 5 warnings was plagiarism from something so simple as a quote. Even going so far as to quote and give credit yet to not ask permission. This may change the look of things further along the journey.

So next step; keep developing content. Find a niche to roll with. Enjoy the process and do it because you love to. That being said, this is my blog. Say Hello on messenger down below if you like, send a cute emoji greeting. Feel free to leave comments, concerns, ideas, or even constructive criticisms. Creative beings are open to growth. At the end of the day this is my essence project and creation. It’s use is shared but its purpose is personal. The hopes for growth, change, and progression will develop with time and circumstance.

It is with great pleasure and pride to Welcome everyone to a place loved for brief interludes of cunning cognition, anecdotes of quotes, and punny whimsy bordering on life lessons that push ones vocabulary. Enjoy…..

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