Thursday, October 21, 2021

Define Your Vision

#Grateful4 Daily Journal

BAAB [BreathFleshEssence=AlientoCarneEsencia] is moving forward every day, growing and evolving. It’s the hope of this blog to document the transitions and progressions of the projects being accomplished by the #OneLoveWorld Family Media Network.  We are extending several new chapters into the book we are living, our journey of creation.
Each new project has its own grand challenges and solutions for overcoming surprise obstacles. There is a deep calling from with to become “UnEmployable” so referred to by Brian Clark’s team of content creators. 
It’s so amazing to think of what that means to not be employed and to have the daily necessities not only met but flourishing abundantly. For our group of creators, we are focusing on Bliss and Nurturing. Our Bliss while nurturing those around us. We still hope to include our practice of #AmorBilingual, since my husband’s culture speaks Spanish. This is pretty natural within out group to float between languages in a little pigeon or Spanglish. We will always embrace the uniqueness and individual divinity of each member of #OneLoveWorld. That is part of our nurturing nature. Our Bliss also envisions a world where everyone could become their truest higher self, be blessed with abundance in health and wealth, and accomplish great goals for the betterment of all.  
Documenting the process and journey could be the same every day for a bit and then suddenly radically different. That’s why it’s so important to document it. See if it fits your paradigm and if there are any nuggets of wisdom that can be gleaned from this journey. Or just come along for the ride and be a part of something grand.
We would love for everyone who wishes to write or comment on what things you need to get moving forward to reach something that feels like bliss.
Stay positive, Be great, and Share often,
Aka BreathAliento

#BuildInPublic #OneLoveWorld

Saturday, July 10, 2021

An Invitation

 We are a team of creative professionals dedicated to infusing creativity into everything we do. We are always open to new collaborations or partnerships with other like-minded creatives. We believe that our communication with people from around the world is a privilege that should be shared with care and creativity. Our ultimate goal is to infuse meaningful connections between people so that we can serve our world better. Drop us a line and let us know if you have any ideas we can work on together.


Monday, June 21, 2021

The truth be told

It's a constant struggle to get content ready for so many projects with the time between family and full time work. I'm finding it harder and harder to create the Gratitude cards, and affirmations that were the 2nd wave of trying to keep this blog afloat.  It's such a beautiful space to play and create in, when there is some kind of response. Lately, no doubt due to my lack of value to the content, there is no interaction and no feedback.  I've been on this journey for almost 3 years with all the projects, starting with The Tender Two.  It's a great treasury of creative energy, however it is spread over may different platforms and content types. If there was some type of interaction to let me know, this is where I should devote more energy and here is something I could let go of to concentrate on the creations of my best value. But everywhere is simply quiet. 

I urge you, if you find something that brightens your day and brings you encouragement from any of the many creative outlets of #OneLoveWorld, we would love to know what strikes the fondest, most pleasant, feelings that bring warmth, tenderness, kindness, positivity, and happiness, if even for a brief moment. When you reach out and touch a loved one, when you caress their arm, or pat their back, or rub their tummy, an energy of love in action will brighten their face, let them breath profoundly, straighten up their countenance, relieve their burden for a moment. The more moments we reach out to care, in kindness, love in action, the more Love we share in little things is the same energy that moves mountains, it helps to love in action.  That is the purpose behind all of our projects. If every so slightly, we move a shallow pebble of burden, and toss it to fill in a crater of discontent, to challenge the forces that be, and make the path better for everyone who follows.  

I am Lisa,  You can find me everywhere online as myself with the screen name @BreathAliento, I am the Breath and my husband Eddi is the Aliento. He has supported all of my efforts to construct an online preserve where people can be uplifted. It is called #OneLoveWorld Family Media Network. We are a family who spends everyday life being normal, yet different.  When you meet us out and about, you will find kindness, and hopefully leave refreshed with encouragement, or invigorated with hopeful ideas. Our only motive is to uplift, improve, and nurture those we come in contact with, in expectation that it will also motivate others to positive, loving actions. 

We have so many wonderful projects, and hope to share more and more details of these.  It's a growing process right now. We are building foundations and new skill sets while working towards our goals. It is also a never ending project that we hope someone will work on when our time is completed here, a very long time from now. 

For today, I leave you with a thought, A question.

Who have you reached out to check on? For a few moments, you can help someone stop the internal dialogue that batters them in their own being. For a few moments, YOU can set someone else free with a kind word, a soft tone with appreciation for their existence. you can send love to someone for just a moment and lift them. 

Who will you check on TODAY?

Be great, Share often
L J Artica @BreathAliento

Monday, April 12, 2021

Grateful4 April 2021

  • April Earth Day-So at least 1 day a year others can appreciate the greatness of the Earth as much as I do everyday

  • The wave of generosity in creators who are sharing their gifts and talents while making a living from them.

  • "Select all" on the keyboard-Shortcuts save so much time and We get so much more done.

  • Feeling the accomplishment of learning something new and being able to use it right away.

My projects and investments produce financial abundance for me now